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70% of business owners never look at their phone bill – what is it costing you?

Future•Com is a one-source, integrated communications solutions provider dedicated to meeting the complex needs of retail, wholesale, and manufacturing businesses of all sizes, as well as those of municipal enterprises. Because of our established relationships with a wide array of vendors and service providers, we not only furnish our clients with the most dynamic communications systems available, but through impartial and comprehensive analysis, we are able to supply these tailored solutions at substantially reduced cost. Indeed, the volume of clients whom we represent gives us significant leverage in negotiating the most favorable pricing for wired and wireless telecommunications services of every type. Future•Com delivers effective and efficient results, which is why we have been serving over 95 percent of our clients for more than a decade.

Our Telecom Services Consulting Practice guarantees its ability to lower the overall cost of your communications infrastructure, including local phone service, long distance, switched and dedicated T-1 circuits, PRI, EOC, DSL, cable, SIP trunking, VoIP, conference calling, Asterisk PBX phone systems, and inside wiring. Future•Com also offers our retail clients a range of complementary, value-added products from our Prepaid Services Portfolio.

Telecom Consulting

Future•Com performs an in-depth analysis of your business requirements at no cost to the client to formulate the optimum combination of equipment, systems, and services to drive your business' success.

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Prepaid Services

  • Airtime
  • Accessories
  • Phones
Prepaid's future is unlimited and very exciting. Future•Com has watched the prepaid wireless sector explode as customers seek other options to avoid the contracts and charges associated with many post-paid wireless products. Let us bring the world of prepaid to you

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